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Feeding Project for Homeless Orphans

We feed breakfast, lunch, and dinner to 30 homeless children each day in Thika. This requires $20 a month for each child - what a great investment! Just $20 provides 84 meals a month.



Feeding Project at Preschool 

$80 a month will provide a fruit a week to the 200 preschool students who attend Little Angels Preschool in the Kibera Slum.


Little Angels Preschool 

We support 200 children in the Kibera Slum with preschool classes. Approximately 30% of these families cannot pay their school fees. 



Brightstar School  ​

Brightstar school educates 640 students most who live in the Mukuru Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. These students are supported by generous donors like you for $40 a month. Your support will allow a student to enjoy nutritious meals and access to a formal education in a Christian environment.


Orphans Project 

There are 30+ orphans who currently reside in an orphanage in Thika and at Brightstar School in Nairobi. These students don't have parents who can support them. These students need $30 a month to provide food, clothing, and lodging. More information about each orphan is available on the Sponsor An Orphan page on this website.


The school fees for these orphans are as follows: Elementary & Middle School fees are $500/year, High School fees are $500/year, and post-high school skills training is $1000/year. Any assistance you could provide can end the cycle of poverty that these orphans face.

(pictured above) John has purchased Christmas gifts for the street children whom the ministry serves.

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