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What to give?

- $20/month will provide fruit to 200 children a wk.

- $30/month will cover housing/food for an orphan.

- $40/month will allow a child to attend school at Brightstar.

- $500/year will send a child to school in Thika.

- $1000/year will send a student to skills training.

- $2053/year will send a student to Hairdressing School (program 1.5 years long).

- $3000/year would send a student to college.

To sponsor a child you may send checks to:

Bright Star Foundation

P.O. Box 6747 

Kokomo, IN 46904-6747

The Bright Star Foundation exists to rescue children who live in poverty in Kenya Africa. The foundation distributes the donations received to the ministries outlined on this website.100% of the donations go to the ministry - there are no administrative fees. We provide 37,000 meals a month, and educates 1000 children in Kenya. We could not impact these young lives without your support. Asante - Thank You!

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