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The Bright Star Foundation exists to rescue children who live in poverty in Kenya, Africa. The foundation distributes the donations received to the ministries outlined on this website.100% of the donations received go to ministry - there are no administrative fees. The support we provide feeds 37,000 meals a month, and educates 1000 children who live in poverty. We could not impact these young lives without your support. Thank You!

I first visited Kenya in 2017 and was so moved by the people of Kenya, and by the Spirit of God that upon my return to the United States I became involved with the Bright Star Foundation. The Bright Star Foundation exists to support the ministry of Brightstar School, Little Angels Preschool, and an orphanage in Thika. 

I'm Pastor Michael Goodspeed, and a proud dad to these three wonderful young ladies (pictured below). We are planning a trip to Kenya in 2020 to continue the work began by Janice Hinkle, Bill Kring, Pat Boe, Barb Nylen, and several other generous supporters of The Bright Star Foundation. 


John & Caroline Ochieng (left) are the house parents at the orphanage in Thika, Kenya. They oversea the needs of 30+ children who live in the orphanage, and the feeding project on the streets to the homeless children. John was an orphan himself, and is a graduate of Brightstar School. In addition, Caroline works as a health officer in charge of safety, and John works at the Agape Dayspring School. John and Caroline have BIG hearts and very strong faith in God. 

Pastor John Andirah is the founder and director of Brightstar School in the Makuru Slum in Kenya. He oversees 640 students from preschool to high school. In addition, he founded a church on Brightstar's campus that has grown to a congregation of 1000 members. We are grateful for John's dedication to Brightstar.

Lillian Mwangi and her sisters lead the Little Angels Preschool located in the Kibera Slum. They currently serve 200 children, and there are plans to increase their student capacity in the coming years.

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